Louisa Ellen Grace



Body Banquet

Mixed media; dyed fabric, polyester stuffing, timber, terracotta, glaze

2.2m x 1m x 1.7m

May 2019

Easy Pickings

Handmade bread, cinamon, plate, polyester fur

50cm x 45cm x 20cm

March 2019

Ancient Maiden

Ancient Maiden 1


Ancient Maiden 2


Ancient Maiden 3

Costume parts

Mask, teats and belly

Body Squatting

Body Squatting 1

Performed with constructed fabric coat

December 2018


looking for a breath of life, the Overflow spat us out from the dark depths

Waterlogged body, filled with palpitating blue that can eat stone, forming boundless space with liquid ground.

Dew drenched pouring edges

Bathing into being from fishy beginnings

scaly lengths unfurl

watch .... take form

Body Squatting 2

Mixed media; timber, paraffin wax, synthetic fibre wig.

1m x 1m x 1.2m 

March 2019


Work in Progress

Venice Research Fellowship: Project

Smooth Crone


Constructed costume and mask, bowl, milk

May 2019

A tenderness for the itch

Mixed media; timber, chicken wire, paraffin wax, human hair

2m x 1m x 2.2m

May 2018

Side view

A tenderness for the itch

Close-up, frontal view

A tenderness for the itch

360° view

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